Paperman can yield year on year savings of up to 15% of annual paper costs without having to compromise the image of your magazine.

PAPERMAN For Publishers

What does Paperman offer?

  • Magazine configuration and forecasting for the future print runs and paper usage
  • Comprehensive purchasing system
  • Instant acces to tock levels and locations
  • Online enquiry and reporting system
  • Monthly/Annual financial statement production
  • Access to the papiNet global community
  • FSC/PEFC Audit trail

Benefits of using Paperman:

  • Significantly reduce manuall effort needed in managing paper
  • Maintain up to date stock records with minimal effort
  • Forecast future paper costs
  • Maintain optimum stock levels
  • Reduce paper wastage by improved paper utilisation
  • Reclaim printer over usage
  • Electronic transactions using papiNet

Additonally you can:

  • Integrate Paperman with in house systems
  • Provide online access for your suppliers and printers

Publishers using Paperman:

  • Bauer
  • Archant
  • Hearst Magazines
  • The Economist
  • Haymarket
  • The Spectator