What We Do

Paperman is the UK's leading Online Paper Management system, working alongside Publishers, Printers and Paper Suppliers to help manage paper from Mill to Magazine.

More about PAPERMAN...

Paperman was designed and developed by JSA Consultants Limited to meet the needs of magazine publishers. The idea of a cloud based Paper Management System was prompted by the fact that the production of a magazine was dependent on more than one organisation. Paperman brings together the different parties involved in the magazines production, the publisher, the printer and the paper supplier – giving them all access to a single up to date database. This is a philosophy that JSA will continue to pursue.

JSA exploited the development in technology such that an application could run on a number of large servers in a data centre and the customer just has to provide his staff with the means to access the internet and therefore Paperman.

JSA is continuing to exploit both the availability and speed of the Internet offering its customers database systems that are accessible by multiple organisation on a truly global basis.

The latest version of Paperman is designed to be available on all flavours of PC’s plus tablets and even smart phones with larger screens.