Paperman Paper Management Solution

Paperman is the UK's leading Online Paper Management system, working with Publishers, Printers and Paper Suppliers to help manage paper from Mill to Magazine.

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Managing Paper For Publishers

Effective use of the Paperman solution can yield year on year savings of up to 15% of annual paper costs without having to compromise the image of your magazine.

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Managing Paper For Printers

Using Paperman software means you can work closely with your customers to achieve maximum paper utilisation and ensure the right paper is where it needs to be on time.

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Managing Paper For Suppliers

Utilising the online Paperman system, suppliers can work more closely with their customers to ensure the most effect service is being provided.

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"Paperman allows us to add real value to our customers" Jonathan Hunt, Antalis
"Paperman sets industry standards." Chris King, Haymarket Publishing
"Paperman has saved us considerable amounts of time and money" Kevin Wooff, Titan Publishing
"Paperman is a complete paper management system" Jeff White, Hearst Magazines UK
"The cost and time saving [that Paperman provides] cannot be underestimated" Steve Wallace, Archant

Paper Utilisation Calculator

The Utilisation Calculator enables our users to specify the size of the document to be printed the grammage of paper and the paper dimensions plus any agreed wastage.

Please click below for a free demonstration.

Paper Calculator

More about PAPERMAN...

Being in the cloud Paperman can be accessed worldwide, through the internet using a secure login and password combination, allowing multiple users to access the same database.

It is possible to manage all paper through a single stock management screen providing up to date stock information for multiple papers and locations.

Forecast stock balances display future stock shortages and automatic generation of replenishment orders with suggested delivery dates.

Full purchasing system allowing the user to raise purchase orders, record deliveries, and call off stock Paperman is fully papiNet powered. The purchasing system takes full advantage from complete electronic trading using papiNet

Paperman produces a range of management and financial reports in both pdf or excel format. Bespoke reports can be created on request.

Record all FSC/PEFC certified paper so that a full audit can be produced for any period of time.


The Paperman paper management software solution is the leading online paper management system in the UK for Publishers and Paper Merchants.

Being a complete paper management solution with papiNet integration, Paperman helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the paper management process.


  • Reduce your paper costs
  • Real time stock paper management
  • In depth reporting and forecasting
  • Purchase ordering
  • Management and financial reporting
  • FSC & PEFC paper certification management
  • papiNet - Electronic Trading

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